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Summer schoolClasses for pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school students. There are also many adult classes.

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※Pre-school and elementary school students should be accompanied by their parents.

What is special about our school

Phonics learning at a young age to ensure acquisition of reading skills and right pronunciation
Bilingual Singaporean teachers
Small classes to ensure all students will get the necessary attention
Discussion with parents about the content of lessons
Lessons conducted at the level of each class
Monthly fees system

Content of lessons

Art and craftLessons are conducted entirely in English and we have cooking lessons, art and craft, science experiments, park activities, and computer and DVD learning incorporated into our lessons.

In addition we have a week of summer intensive learning in July.

Principal’s Message:

Summer schoolHello! Raffles Language School is not just an ordinary English conversation school.
We teach English by having fun because we believe that is how children learn and remember new words and the elements of language.

We encourage children to produce their own sentences through activities such as cooking, science experiments, art and craft, and outdoor activities at the park.

Summer schoolReading and writing are also part of our curriculum, with an emphasis on phonics and a good reading program. Homework is given after every lesson to reinforce what the students have learnt in class.

Parents are invited to see the class twice a year, and parent-teacher meetings are held once every two years or when necessary to discuss the progress of their children.

Class size is kept small, and some classes feature team teaching, in order to give each and every child our undivided care and attention. At Raffles, we care!
Please visit our classes and see for yourself.

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